Information security policy

Information security policy of Long Thanh Kien Co., Ltd

Thank you very much for visiting the website https://….vn/ built and operated by LONG THANH KIEN COMPANY LIMITED. We respect all customer information and commit to keeping your private information confidential. Please read the information below carefully to better understand our information security policy to better understand the commitments we make to protect the rights and information of visitors.

Protecting personal data is our way of building trust with you. Therefore, we will use your name and information in accordance with the content of our information security policy. We only collect information related to online transactions and orders to best serve you.

We will collect your information within the time prescribed by law or for purposes with your permission.

Ø  Collect personal information

We will collect your information when you want to receive our advice when you place an order.

We collect and store your information for consulting purposes, proactively contact you if you request, and provide after-sales support.

We will use the information provided by customers to process orders and notify you of periodic maintenance times as required. In addition, we may use that information to improve the web interface and verify and confirm online transactions. If you find it inconvenient, you can refuse at any time.

We may pass some of your information to third parties for delivery purposes (for example, courier or delivery service providers).

Ø  Security

We use security measures to prevent unauthorized or illegal access from causing harm or damage to you.

We recommend that customers do not give payment details to anyone by email, we are not responsible for any damage you may incur in exchanging information via email.

You are not allowed to use any tools to interfere with the system or change the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or encourage any activities to interfere, sabotage or infiltrate the website system’s data. Any violations will have your rights revoked and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary.

All transaction information will be kept confidential, but in the event of an investigation or legal request, we are required to provide this information to law enforcement agencies.

Ø  Customer benefits

You have the right to request access to your personal data, and the right to request us to correct errors in your personal data without charge. At any time, you have the right to request that we stop using your personal data without charge.