Food Processing Industry

Food processing has always been one of the important economic sectors with great development potential in Vietnam. However, up to now, in the field of agricultural product processing, there are only more than 7,500 enterprises participating, accounting for only nearly 1% of the total number of enterprises in the country, mainly small and medium scale. This is leading to a waste of domestic agricultural raw materials. The synchronous solutions proposed are to innovate mechanisms and policies; training to improve human resource qualifications; research, application, and transfer of scientific and technological advances;… But the most important thing is to meet food hygiene and safety issues in all stages of production.

In response to requirements and trends related to the food industry, LTK company is proud to introduce the brand Food Conveyor Belt. Nitta – Japan Specialized in conveying foods, ensuring food safety and hygiene with a simple, easy-to-clean design. Conveyor belts are designed with Japanese standard PU and PVC ropes, operating smoothly without shock, minimizing food damage, especially vegetables, fruits, etc.

In addition, the conveyor belt has a non-stick structure, ensuring food safety. Low energy consumption helps businesses save costs and operate stably – low noise so suitable for all working environments.

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