Sales policy

Sales policy of Long Thanh Kien Co., Ltd

Pricing policy:

Regulating selling prices for each type of product according to different market areas. Selling prices can be flexibly adjusted to suit different markets and customers. For the most accurate price, please contact the sales staff directly at the hotline number

Payment policy

Payment in advance to receive goods. Customers pay in advance according to the company’s bank account number corresponding to the product price at the time of purchase (for new customers).

Pay after recieve. You pay according to the company’s bank account number within the time period agreed on the contract.

Delivery and shipping policy

Customers can receive goods directly at LTK company or we will deliver them to the address provided by the customer. Fees will be calculated according to the delivery service provider’s fees.

Delivery time will be calculated according to the shipping unit’s delivery time. LTK Company will make delivery immediately upon completion of the order according to the time notified to the customer.

Complaint handling policy

All customer complaints and questions will be resolved by https://… according to:

  • Regulations, agreements, or contracts adopted between the Company and customers.
  • Our commitment to customers.
  • Current laws of Vietnam.

Customer complaints can be made by calling, email, or text.

Complaint resolution time is implemented according to company regulations and must not exceed 60 days from the date the customer receives the goods.