Textile industry

Belt – Conveyor belt Used for the textile industry is one of the popular applications but has a certain difficulty due to the characteristics of this industry requiring the wire to have the following characteristics: high speed resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and resistance. good force… so in addition to the quality of the manufacturer’s wire, another equally important factor is the supplier’s experience and understanding to choose the correct type of wire for each application.

LTK Company has many years of experience in providing, consulting, and implementing wire types L-750, TFL-10S, TFL-15S, M-1000, MA-1500, CFTG-40F… Used for Two For One Twister machines (Murata, Ishikawa Seisakusho, Sussen, Barmag, Saurer Allma, Muratec, Volkmann…). High-Speed ​​Ring Spinning Frame (Marzoli, Toyoda, Zinser, Savio-Cognetex…). With the ability to withstand high tension and maintain good friction against Spindles, it helps textile machinery, The yarn achieves a stable speed without affecting the quality of the yarn, minimizing noise when the machine operates.


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